How to Answer Any Teacher Interview Question

To emerge from the pack in a meeting, it is basic that you have clear, verbalize reactions. Sadly very regularly our nerves can act as a burden. This post will depicts the utilization of the STAR procedure in an instructor (or authority) meet and will ideally give you a few thoughts in the matter of how to approach your meetings with more certainty.

STAR system

The star talk with system is generally utilized as a part of business however I haven’t heard excessively numerous educators discuss. It is something I have utilized as a part of the past with loads of progress. The acronym remains for


T – Task

An Action


Circumstance or Task

The initial segment of your answer traces the unique situation. Presenting a reaction along these lines gives you validity and shows you can be a powerful professional. In a classroom this might be a student who was underachieving, a kid who would not like to peruse or a kid who was being harassed. It’s useful to set up a couple of cases before meet. By beginning off along these lines you will as of now begin since you are relating it to your own particular experience.

Present your cases with expressions, for example,

On my last position there was…

When working with a Year 5 class I…

One illustration I was especially pleased with was when…


The second segment of your answer is depicting what you did. In the event that a tyke was being harassed in class, what did you do about it? On the off chance that a kid was attempting to peruse then how could you help inspire them? Portraying the activity will show how you can utilize your drive in the classroom. It gives the meeting board proof of how compelling you would be in their school and induces them that you are the perfect hopeful. In your readiness for meet ponder your full scope of activities. Did you take after a school arrangement? In the event that so let them know. Did you liaise with the guardians or senior administration group? Depicting the activity is presumably the most essential piece of your answer as it features your reaction to a specific situation. Bear in mind to incorporate what you did, how you did it and the terrifically critical why.


By discussing the aftereffects of your activities you can show how compelling you have been. What occurred because of the activity you set up? By being particular in your answers you will give a significantly clearer picture to the meeting board. Maybe the youngster abruptly advanced one sublevel. Possibly a tyke quit being tormented and the guardians expressed gratitude toward you. There may have been an awesome effect on the youngster’s state of mind and conduct in school. Whatever the outcome ensure you feature it – it is something you are glad for and demonstrates your capacity to be successful in a school setting.

Somewhat additional that doesn’t fit in the acronym!

You wouldn’t have any desire to do this next piece for each inquiry yet in the event that you can pick your minutes it can be massively viable. By saying what you would do on the off chance that you were effective in landing the position, you exhibit your eagerness for the post.

It won’t not work for each sort of question but rather utilized accurately STAR can be a truly helpful instrument in educator interviews whether you are an instructor or a trying pioneer.