Tracking Hitler

The writer of “Hunting Hitler”, Doctor Jerome R. Corsi, received his PhD from Harvard University in personal technology. He is at present under contract with Globe Online Daily as a personnel writer working as an investigative reporter. This individual has written New you are able to city Times best vendors “Unfit for Command”, “Obama Nation”, and “The Great Oil Conspiracy. in .

Fact Is

Astounding facts arrived in 2009 from 3 American teachers that acquired use of Hitler’s alleged remains amazed the globe with technological DNA proof that the skull and bone Russian federation claimed were Adolf’s were in simple fact the brain of any 45 year old woman. This kind of recognized Joseph Stalin’s opinion that in fact Hitler performed break free after the conflict a declare he cared for to the final of his life. Reality is no-one found Eva Brain & Hitler die in the fortification; no photographs were delivered to document that fact; the truth is no bodies were ever before found in the fort; no physical facts is out there tying them to the scene.

Hitler Runaway

Corsi wonderful researchers maintain the ability that Hitler escaped from Nazis towards the end of the war and even Dwight D. Eisenhower, the bracketed commander, said he thought Hitler was still being surviving. F & CIA data stored at the state of Hawaii Archives keep up with the U. They would. government took serious the reports that Hitler & Eva Brain escaped to Argentina in a Camera ta U-boat. Your trial assess at the Nuremberg studies of Nazi war bad guys said he thought, inches No one is exquisite for sure Adolph Hitler is useless. ”

The Fourth Reich

Corsi compiles massive degrees of proof plus painstaking research and proof that think about Hitler’s get away from to Spain even down to the exact touchdown area on the beach. Problem remains did Hitler escape to plan payback and the rise of your 4th Reich? Generally there was obviously a huge The German language community in Argentina that supported Adolph; in truth they worshiped him as a cult hero. Is usually it after he existed out his life there that they had get access to his DNA with the information that sometime in the future perhaps technology would are present to identical copy him back to life?


From this challenging look into the record of the Nazi event, its godlike leader, and Hitler’s escape we the thinking of criminal criminal arrest minds, the propagandizing of the facts, the fraud that build his escape, and exactly the way the Nazi’s acquired help within America to fund their monster getting rid of machine. These types of traitors exist in our political system unto this day plotting the land? nemesis? undoing of the republic. Corsi merely turns the sunlight on these cockroaches and you will see them all run for cover. I provide five stars away of 5 although it is a short read no words are wasted.