Inside the Season of Bloodshed

“The goal of this part is to promote comfort and encourage people to stand up and speak out against violence”. This is often a first sentence you will read, flipping through web page one of this brain blowing piece by Shehu Sani. Truly this term convinces one on guru of the book and what it seeks to achieve in the lives of humans.

The North part of Nigeria is held by years of sectarian violence. A bad, cruel and unceasing informed insurgency added to the turmoil and the woes. Every single day is sold with its record of assassinations, mass killings, indiscriminate bombings and major individual rights abuses. The waging violence carry on and threaten the peacefulness and unity of the nation and trembling the basis than it is democratic institutions. That is why Shehu Sani has come plan this exceptional and amazing publication to ally peace.

The writer is a renowned civil security under the law powerhouse, author, poet and playwright who has written substantially on political and spiritual conflicts in Nigeria and Africa in basic. Excellent book is a sure evidence of his advantages to diminish physical physical violence as he is a campaigner for peace.

The introductory page of the book takes readers through the bits and pieces of the particular reserve is all about. Like it says, these assortment of poetry are certainly not conventional sonnets that comply with the strict guidelines and belief of materials or teachers. Rather, they are fictional intervention to inspire the minds and reinforce the spirits of victims of violence, residents of flashpoints and normal people ardent about serenity.

Individuals who work for peace and the law for the oppressed should pick up a backup on this e-book because the poem appeal to their minds and offers a form of encouragement in the course. The book of poems also softens the hearts of enthusiast to embrace peace. The copy writer says that readers will evidently decipher several of the poems as well intention of the dictum of injustice begotten violence and the rights and answer ability of oppressed visitors to free themselves.

The poetry of peace is a collection of 95 poetry that are approved for serenity particularly for folks of northern Nigeria for which more than 30 years have been experiencing sectarian and ethnic assault between Christian believers and Muslims and after this facing an atrocious insurgency. The author also included the usefulness of the poetry to folks of Northern Ireland in the European union, Kashmir, Bosnia Herzegovina and some communities in Myanmar, Thailand, Pakistan, Egypt, Belly East, Philippines.

Aside the a fore mentioned places, it is extremely thought that all the richness of these poem outshines limitations as Africa and the earth at large browsers violence. Mcdougal should decrease the limitations of his work.

The Baptiste and studio of the book portrays the communication. The color of the book cover is white which is known for peace as the article writer advocates. Shehu Sani italicized his font to astonish readers, he also uses pictures to tell his story of violence that has destroyed lives. This kind of can be indeed a very fantastic way of relating a message as readers do not only be able to imagine his movement of thoughts, they also imagine it through the pictures used.

Words are unable to share Shehu Sani’s magnanimity as he takes his time to feel the aches and pains of his people and endeavors to make a change in the modern-day world. It will not be surprising if he is given a Peace Lawyer award or perhaps the Nobel peacefulness prize in this inspirational work encouraging serenity.

The Poetry of Serenity highly suggested for all to read as it pertain to every live a method or the other being victims of violence or as members of a society stuffed with abuse.